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Spot Manager




Not all servers are used all of the time. A good practice is to shut down servers when they are not required and start them up again just before they are needed. It’s also a good idea to set a termination date for temporary resources.

Tag resources with an action tag that incorporates a schedule or a time interval and AWS4LESS will take care of the rest.

Here are a few examples of what you can do:

  • Automate Start/Stop and terminate resources to only pay for resources when you use them
  • Shut down dev/QA environments @ 8pm
  • Start them up again @ 8am
  • Set a termination tag on PoC environments for two weeks after the PoC is expected to be completed
  • Set of resources. This will set a maximum time for resources to be up after they are launched

Tag based actions take seconds to setup!

You can also use the tagger to bulk select & tag resources with your own custom tags.


Easily tag multiple resources across your regions with one click for scheduling or for your own purposes.

Search and select multiple resources & tag them all at once.


Spot ASG

Using Spot pricing can save you up to 90% on your computing power consumption. The problem is that spots are not guaranteed.

SpotASG is a simple tag that provides guarantied availability using Spots.

A SpotASG tag will turn any auto scaling group you have into a spot based ASG without destroying the original one. When the spots become available, the original ASG is zeroed out. Once we receive the notification that the spots are market for termination AWS4LESS will automatically restore the original sizing to the original on-demand ASG. If your servers start up quickly enough, in about 90 seconds, the load balancer or queue will do the rest.

Spot Manager

Once the spots are available again, the original ASG will be zeroed out again, saving you a lot of money on your works loads.

Recommendation engine

Our zero configuration recommendation engine will keep you on top of things. You will receive email recommendations suggesting account improvements in the following areas:

  • Tighten security
  • Lower cost
  • Optimize performance

Don’t worry, you can always opt-out off irrelevant rules.

Centralized control

The list page allows you to see all your cost generators on one page. It’s a central place that shows resources across accounts and regions.

You can quickly Start/Stop/Restart resources with one click directly from AWS4LESS.


The page also shows you the links between resources like servers and volumes and provides the ability to move between them with one click.

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